The Department of Soil & Water Conservation, Punjab was created in the year 1969 to take care of two important natural resources in the State i.e. Soil & Water.  On these two resources the survival of mankind, animals and plants depend.  The department of Soil & Water Conservation is entrusted with the job of formulating and implementing schemes for conservation, up gradation and optimum use of these resources.



  •  To check degradation of soils.

  •  To Conserve and upgrade the Soil for its optimum uses.  

  •  To Conserve and save water resources

  •  To prepare Soil inventory

Procedure For availing Subsidy and Installation of Drip/ Micro Irrigation


1. Farmer Submits simple application to Divisional Soil Conservation Officer (DSCO)   --- Annexed I

2. Application Entered in Register --- Abstract Copy Annexed  II

3. Application by the Farmer in the prescribed format with   following documents: III


     Fard Jamabandhi

     Revenue Map

     Soil and water testing report

4. Selected firm submits design and estimate Annexed IV

5. Design estimate scrutinized and verified by Soil conservation Officer(SCO) and Sub-Divisional Soil Conservation Officer (SDSCO).

6. Estimate sanctioned by DSCO, Conservator of Soils (CS), Chief Conservator of Soils (CCS) according to competency (up to 50,000 by DSCO, up to 5 lacs by (CS), up to 15 lacs by (CCS) and sanction letter issued under intimation to firm and farmer.---- Sanction Letter Annexed V

7. Firm submits the Performa invoice

8. Material inspected by SCO / SDSCO in the presence of farmer and the firm and inspection note issued ------- Annexed VI

9. The installation carried out by the firm.

10. System is checked by SCO/SDSCO, satisfactory report from the farmer obtained --- Annexed VII

11. The firm submits the final cost bill to the farmer with copy to the  SCO/SDCSO.

12. Subsidy bills is prepared by the SCO, entered in to the Measurement Books(MB).

13. Bill and the entry in MB is verified by SDSCO and passed by DSCO

14. The cross checked assistance issued by the DSCO disbursed to the firm and to the farmer Forwarding letter Annexed -VIII





Underground Pipeline System for Irrigation


Bank Loans are arranged for Farmers under NABARD Schemes for laying of underground Pipelines for Tube wells.  25% subsidy is given to the farmers from the State Plan Scheme.  For availing loans from Banks farmers should contact  Divisional Soil Conservation Officer/Sub Divisional Soil Conservation Officer and Soil Conservation Officer who will prepare estimates of the project and sponsored the application for loan to the bank.  On sanction of loan farmers/department will arrange ISI pipes and other material. Laying of Pipeline will be carried out by the department or by the farmer himself as per his choice.  However the technical guidance will be provided by field staff if the farmer wish to execute his work himself.  After completion  of works the subsidy will be given to the farmers through bank draft if expenditure is done by the farmers through his own sources.  The subsidy will be credited in the loan account of the farmers if the bank finance.


Drip/Sprinkler Irrigations


For Drip and Micro Irrigation System on Horticulture Crops arranged under NABARD Schemes and subsidy is given by Govt. of India @ 50% to SC/ST,  Women farmers and small and marginal farmers and 35% to General Category farmers.  The cost of Drip Irrigation varies from field to field depending upon the spacing of plants, type of plant, geometry of the field and location of Water source.  The subsidy is provided maximum 4 hect to each family.  For installation of Drip/Micro Irrigation System farmers should contract nearest office of Soil Conservation Officer.  A list of approved firm is available with the department offices and farmer is with liberty to select anyone of the firm.  The firm will prepare the detailed design and estimates which will be checked and approved by the department.  Whereupon the firm will executes the work and subsidy will be released after inspection by the departmental officers and satisfaction of farmer.


Land Development


The department arranges bank loan under NABARD Scheme for leveling of land.  25% subsidy is given in border, bet and Kandi Area of the State.  For getting the services farmer should contract nearest Soil Conservation Office.  Estimate will be prepared after carrying out Engineering Survey and loan application will be sponsored by Divisional Soil Conservation Officer  After disbursement of loan farmer can carry out land leveling works either by departmental machinery available on per hour hiring charges basis or farmer can carry out the work with his own machinery.  After completion of works subsidy will be released to the farmers if the expenditure is done from his own sources.  Subsidy is credited to the loan account of the farmers if he availed loan from the bank


Watershed Management  Works


Watershed management works are done 100% grant in aid.  Under these works watershed/micro watershed is taken up.  Treatment plan is prepare by department with consultation of beneficiaries and works like Gully Reclamation, Drainage Line Treatment, Contour hedges, Agro Forestry etc. are done to village committee and self help groups.


Rain water Harvesting


In Kandi Area of the State Rain water Harvesting is done with 100% Govt. money by construction of low level dams.  The stored water is utilized for irrigation of Rain fed areas.  Similarly projects for generating life saving irrigation by tapping base/surface flow in the hills either by gravitational flow system or through lift irrigation system.  This scheme is also implemented with 100% grant.  The village committee  and user societies for maintenance of these assets.


Soil Survey


The department has large data bank about the type and classification of Soils in the State.  Farmers and other users can avail information for meeting their requirements.


Miscellaneous Works


The department also carried out irrigation scheme of use of city sullage water, Reclamation of Waterlogged Area with Sub Surface Drainage System & Renovation of village ponds etc.




In case of any grievance farmers are advised to contact the concerned Divisional Soil Conservation Officer or Conservator of Soils or Chief Conservator of Soils.




The department implements following State Level and Centre Level Schemes:-


State Plan Schemes


1.    Soil & Water Conservation on Watershed basis in Kandi  non project area.


            The Scheme is being implemented in Kandi Area of the State.


2.    Soil & Water Conservation programme in other area of the State


            The Scheme is implemented in area other than Kandi Area and includes Scheme on farm Water Management and Land Development.


3.    Water Harvesting Technology in Ecologically Handicapped Area.


            The scheme is being implemented to the District Planning Board for tapping and utilization of Irrigation Water in ecologically handicapped area.


4.    Provision for Machinery Division at Head Quarter.


            Under this scheme a fleet of bulldozers, Tractors and excavator cum loader are maintained for providing services to the farmers for development of land.



Centrally Sponsored Schemes


1.         (i) Watershed Development Programme for Rainfed Area.


            The Scheme is implemented in selected Watersheds of  Kandi Area to increase productivity of Rainfed Area.


            (ii). Harvesting of Rainwater/Baseflow for ground water recharge and live saving irrigation in rainfed areas.


            This Scheme includes harvesting of rainwater/baseflow and other activity for generating life saving irrigation.


2.  Treatment of Catchment Area of River Ghaggar and River Valley Project (Thein- Dam).


            The Scheme is being implemented in catchment area of river Ghaggar falling in Punjab portion to check soil erosion.  River Valley Project Scheme is being implemented in catchment area of Thein Dam reservoirs to check soil erosion falling in Punjab portion.


3.   Reclamation of Ravenous Area.


            This Scheme has been newly introduced and will be implemented to reclaim the ravenous area falling on left bank of river Beas in Gurdaspur and Amritsar District.


4.   Agriculture Field Drainage.


            This Scheme will be implemented to reclaim Water logged pockets with sub surface drainage system.


5.   Efficient Use of Irrigation Water.


            Under this scheme modernization of Irrigation System like Drip and Sprinkler will be introduced.  This will also includes underground pipeline system for efficient irrigation system.


6.   Strengthening of State Land Use Board.


            The Scheme is implemented by Technical Nucleus Cell to create awareness and coordination with different land using agencies/departments for optimum and judicious uses of land and water resources.