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Department implements various State Plan and Centrally Sponsored Schemes. Apart from these schemes, there are some other schemes and projects that are being implemented by taking direct financial assistance from other departments/agencies. All the Schemes implemented by the Department are as per guidelines:


S. No, Name of the scheme of the programme Objectives/ Features of the Scheme Area of Operation
1 Project for Judicious use of available water & Harvesting of Rain water for enhancing irrigation potential in Punjab State (NABARD-RIDF-17 The scheme has been sanctioned under Rural Infrastructure Fund by Govt of Punjab for enchancing irrigation water use efficiency through underground pipeline systems and rain water harvesting by construction of rain water recharging structures All Districts of the state.
2 Scheme for enhancing Irrigation Water Efficiency through Community Underground Pipeline System in the state (PIDB Funding) This is a new scheme started in year 2015-16 through funding from Punjab Infrastructure Development Board. Under the scheme underground pipelines are laid for group of farmers. Seven or more farmers combine to avail benefit under the scheme. Assistance upto 90% is provided to the farmers In water logged areas of south-western Punjab, Districts of Mukatsar, Bathinda, Ferozepur, Faridkot and Mansa
3 Scheme for conveyance of irrigation water to the field at the tail ends of canal network in Sangrur and Barnala Districts This is a special scheme for areas at tail ends of canal system in Sangrur and Barnala districts. Underground pipelines on community basis are laid from these tail ends of canals and assistance upto 90% is provided under the scheme Sangrur and Barnala Districts
4 Project for laying of Underground Pipeline for irrigation from Sewerage Treatment Plants of various Towns/Cities (NABARD-RIDF-18) Under the scheme projects are being installed to supply treated water from sewerage treatment plants of various towns/cities. 33 nos of projects have been taken up under the scheme All Districts of the state.
5 Project for Community Micro Irrigation Project in Kandi-belt of Talwara and Hajipur blocks of District Hoshiarpur (NABARD-RIDF-18) A unique project in ecologically handicapped area of Talwara and Hazipur blocks of District Hoshiarpur. under this Solar photovoltaic pumps shall be used to lift water from kandi canal and its further conveyance to fields through UGPS and micro irrigation. The project shall help provide irrigation to more than 750 ha area, which was earlier devoid of any irrigation facilities Hoshiarpur District
6 Project for promotion of Micro Irrigation on Punjab (NABARD- RIDF-XVI AND XX Addl. 25% Subsidy in addition to GOI subsidy is being provided to farmers for installation of Drip, Micro Sprinkler & Sprinkler Irrigation systems in all districts. All Districts of the state.
7 Provision for Machinery Division at Head Quarter. It is an ongoing scheme since 1990-91. Heavy machinery like Bulldozers, Excavators-cum-loaders for development of land is provided on custom hiring basis at subsidized rates. Works: Land Development, Fine Leveling, Trenching All Districts of the state


S. No, Name of the scheme of the programme Objectives/ Features of the Scheme Area of Operation
1 Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Micro Irrigation (Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems) under PMKSY 35% Subsidy to farmers is being provided to farmers for installation of Drip, Micro Sprinkler & Sprinkler Irrigation systems. 10% additional subsidy is being provided to small and marginal farmers under the scheme All Districts of the state.
2 SC(A) 7.5 & CS-8 Pilot Project on Reclamation of Ravenous and Gullied Land under Technology Development, Extension and Training (TDET) (100% GOI on Govt./ Panchayati lands; 60% GOI on Private lands of farmers ) To reclaim & develop ravenous/degraded lands. Major Activities: Bench Terracing, Land Leveling, Drop Structures, Field Bunding, Tree Plantation etc. Special problem, degraded & ravenous areas in Gurdaspur district.
3 SC(A) 7.7 & CS-9 Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Micro Irrigation (80:20 GOI:State sharing) A scheme to promote Drip & Sprinkler irrigation on Horticulture & Non-Horticulture crops with 50% subsidy to the beneficiaries. Subsidy available upto 5 hectares area per farmer All districts of the state.


S. No, Name of the scheme of the programme Objectives/ Features of the Scheme Area of Operation
1 Project for Efficient Conveyance of irrigation water through Community Pipeline system under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) Consumptive use of surface & sub-surface water for enhancing the area under optimum irrigation. Assistance of 90% of Project cost to groups of farmers. All Districts of the state
2 Project for Improvement in Conveyance Efficiency of irrigation water through underground pipeline system under Crop Diversification Plan (CDP) Under this schemeindividual farmers can avail 50% subsidy for laying of underground pipelines. farmers can choose any type of pipe from RCC/PVC and HDPE pipeline type All Districts of the state
3 Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) Department is Project Implementing agency of Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) of Rural Development Deptt. major works include Rain Water Harvesting and Recharging, Erosion Control, Land levelling, Renovation of ponds, Drainage Line Treatment, Plantation, Retaining Walls and, Farm Production, Livelihood Generation, Self Help Groups All Districts of the state
4 Project for Matching irrigation water availability and demand for improved productivity through Efficient On-farm Water Management under RKVY Project aims for Conservation of Irrigation Water by constructing irrigation water storage tanks coupled with solar pumps and micro irrigation system so as to provide assured irrigation source to farmers
5 Project for Restoration and Preservation of Holy Bein in Kapurthala district Under the Project activities like managing of waste water from polluting the holy bein rivulet are being executed with funding from PPCB Kapurthala district
6 Schemes for Wet Land Improvement of Punjab State Council for Sc. & Tech. (PSCST) Conservation and management of Harike, Ropar, Nangal & Kanjli Wetlands for environment rehabilitation. Structures to check silt inflow ito wetlands are being constructed under the project Ropar, kapurthala and Amritsar districts