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Community Underground Pipeline Project at Village Bhangewala

S. No. Project Brief
1. Name of District Sri Muktsar Sahib
2. Name of Project Community Underground Pipeline Project, Sh. Iqbal Singh S/O Sh. Balwant Singh, Place of Project (Village Name): Bhangewala
3. Name of Office under which project executed Divisional Soil Conservation Officer, Sri Muktsar Sahib
4. Contact Details Phone/Mobile No: 01633-240466,
Email: dscomukatsar@gmail.com
5. Date of Start of Project 01/06/17
6. Date of Completion of Project 14/07/17
7. Cost of project Total Cost: Rs. 12,74,000/-
Assistance from RKVY: Rs. 11,46,600/-
Beneficiary Share: Rs. 1,27,400/-

Objectives of the Project:

  • Conjunctive use of irrigation water (good quality + saline underground water).
  • Increasing Irrigation Water Efficiency
  • Saving of land going waste on account of construction of open water channels
  • Save labour, time and energy.

Number of Beneficiaries of Project:

Total: 36 (nos), Men: 26 (nos), Women: 10 (nos),
Marginal farmers: 29 (nos), Small Farmers: 03 (nos),
Others: 04 (nos)


Pre Project Status/Problems of project area:

The water quality is very poor which is not fit for irrigation. Due to lack of canal irrigation, the farmers cannot irrigate their fields properly. But at some locations the water quality is good and at these places farmers install the tubewells. Due to irrigate their fields through water channels (kacca), about 25-30% water go waste. This is also a labour consuming, time taken and money wastage process. Mostly the farmers have less than 1 ha land and cannot afford high cost labour and machinery and also due to poor quality water they are not in a position to get good yield and cash back.

Details of the Work executed:

To save water, time and money, the farmers of this village decide to layout the underground pipes. As per the site conditions and the discharge of the tubewell, the project of 450 mm dia pipes of about 1280 mtr. length covering an area of 28.05 hectare owned by 36 beneficiaries, including 26 men and 10 women farmers, the project has been initiated under RKVY scheme by approving cost of Rs. 1274000/- in the year 2016-17. The project has been approved by giving 90% govt. subsidy and 10% farmers share. The farmers layout the pipeline themselves by taking permission from the dept. in the favour of Sh. Iqbal Singh S/o Sh Balwant Singh, village Bhangewala. The pipeline has been layout under the supervision of the department. The material required (cement, sand, bajri etc.)for this project is also supplied by the department. After completion of the project, the labour payment has been given to Sh. Iqbal singh S/o Sh. Balwant Singh.

Benefits/Outcomes of Project

After laying the underground pipes, there is no seepage of water and a lot of water now saved. The farmers now irrigate their fields properly. The project include saving in the productive farm land by removing field channels and also saving in time, energy and labour cost. Field crop production and water availability has been increased. The cost of the land has also been increased after laying pipeline. Today farmers have a joy on their face.

Pre Project and Post Project Status/Comparison

From production point of view, the farmers took only rice crop after laying of pipeline and they got about 12-15 qt/ha more yield than before execution of the project. Water availability has also been increased. Before execution of pipeline, the water reaches to the fields at slow rate because most of the water go waste through seepage of kacca water channels but after execution there is no seepage and rate of flow has also increased. Because of availability of assured irrigation water, socio economic conditions have also improved.