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Farm Water Conservation Through Underground Pipeline Irrigation System at village Jaid (Bathinda)

S. No. Project Brief
1. Name of District Bathinda
2. Name of Project On farm water Conservation through Underground Pipeline Irrigation System, Jaswinder Singh and others, Teh Ballianwali, Village : Jaid, Bathinda
3. Name of Office under which project executed Divisional Soil Conservation Officer, Bathinda
4. Contact Details DSCO, Bathinda, Room No 212E, Mini Secretariat, Bathinda
Phone/Mobile No: 01642211629:
5. Date of Start of Project 02/05/2016
6. Date of Completion of Project 02/03/2017
7. Cost of project Total Cost: Rs. 190.21 Lakh
Assistance from RKVY: Rs 171.18 lakh
Beneficiary Share: Rs. 19.02 lakh

Objectives of Project:

The main objective of this project was to highlight the importance of underground pipeline system and to demonstrate its importance to the farmers of the village and nearby areas. The purpose of this project was also to create mass awareness about the importance of UGPS and also its role in socio economic upliftment of the beneficiaries. Main objective was also to give assured irrigation facilities to the farmers and also to save precious water and conserve the ground water.

Number of Beneficiaries of project:

Total: 308 (nos)
Men 240 (nos) : Women 68 (nos)
Marginal farmers: 208 (nos)
Small Farmers : 68 (nos)
Others 32 (nos)


Pre Project Status / Problems of project area:

This project has a command area of 868 Acre, out of which 250 Acre was deprived of irrigation water through lined channel due to its breakage, leakage, seepage and other factors. Farmers who were at tail end were not getting the benefit of canal water and they were using underground water for irrigating their fields and were using electricity motors for this purpose. Farmers, who were using the canal water, were not getting sufficient quantity of water due to breakage of the lined channel, seepage and other factors. Therefore they were also forced to use the underground water and run their electricity motors for irrigation purpose. Lot of labour was wasted to make the bunds/channels and to clean the lined channel and other works.

Details of Work executed:

The site of the project was at Village Jaid, Rampura Phul, Bathinda. The project was at outlet No 20575/TL, Ghanoula Minor. Total command area of the project was about 868 Acre. There were 308 beneficiaries in the village out of which 208 were small farmers, 68 marginal farmers and 32 others. There were 68 female beneficiaries. The earlier system of water conveyance to the fields was through 5” lined channels which were about 26-27 years old and were damaged from many places. Due to this farmers were facing lot of difficulties for irrigating their respective fields. Water was not reaching the tail end and those farmers were forced to use electricity tube wells for irrigating their fields. Lot of money and energy was wasted in repair and maintenance of these lined channels.

Total length of the pipeline designed for this project was 8945m. Pipe diameter of 700mm was selected for the project keeping in mind the discharge from the outlet (2.44 Cusec). Total 63 Alfa-Alfa Valves were provided to take out water from the pipeline at various fields. Due to lengthy pipeline a total of 11 gate valves were also provided at different junctions from where 2-3 pipelines were diverging or after certain length of the pipeline. Five tanks were also fabricated at junctions and starting point of the outlet. The size of tank at outlet is 2X2X3 m. Another tank of size 3X3X3 was fabricated from where three lines are diverged. Three more tanks were fabricated of size 1.5X1.5X3m from where two lines are diverged. Thirty nine air vent pipes were also installed at specific length for preventing the pipeline from any damage.

Pre Project and Post project status/comparison

Factor Pre Project Post Project
Ground water conservation Nil Considerable ground water conservation is there
Land Saving Nil About 1% land saving is there
Increase in Production Nil 3-5%
Energy Saving Nil 10-12%
Increase in Yield Nil 15-17%
Area irrigated at tail end Very difficult Very effective and successful
Socio-economic up-liftment Marginal Substantial

Benefits/Outcomes of project:

After completion of the project and taking into consideration talks we had with villages/beneficiaries following benefits/outcomes have been identified.

  • UGPS according to our analysis has lead to about 22-25% saving of irrigation water as compared to irrigation carried out by open channels earlier.
  • Due to availability of water to all the command area, usage of electricity pump sets has been reduced thereby helping in increase of groundwater table of the area.
  • Now farmers are getting more water in their fields as compared to earlier system.
  • Productivity of the crops has been increased upto 15-17% as compared to earlier system.
  • Area of the land which was earlier blocked due to lined channels in the fields is now free for cultivation and farmers are using this land for crop production.
  • After implementation of the UGPS farmers income has also increased due to increase in productivity and increase in area of cultivation.