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Increasing Irrigation Water Efficiency at village Megowal Block (Hoshiarpur)

S. No. Project Brief
1. Name of District Hoshiarpur
2. Name of Project Increasing Irrigation Water Efficiency C/o Smt. Darshan Kaur etc W/o Sh. Daya Singh, Village: Megowal Block, Mlp, Teh. Garshankar , Hoshiarpur
3. Name of Office under which project executed Divisional Soil Conservation Officer Hoshiarpur
4. Contact Details Divisional Soil Conservation Officer 4th Floor Mini Secretariat Hoshiapur
Phone/Mobile No: 01882240192,
Email: dscohsp1@yahoo.com
5. Date of Start of Project 24/06/2017
6. Date of Completion of Project 29 /06 2017
7. Cost of project Total Cost : Rs. 4,80,950/-(Lacs) 4.81 Lacs
Assistance from RKVY: Rs. 3,89,400/-
Beneficiary Share: Rs.1,94,700/-

Objectives of Project:

The project area is situated in village Megowal which falls in the Kandi Belt of Punjab. The Project area has total 8.85 hectare area under agriculture.The main objective of the Project is to irrigate each and every part of the project area properly . So that beneficiary could get high yield of crops sown in project area.

Number of Beneficiaries of project:

Total 3 (nos), Men: 2 (nos), Women :1 (nos)
Marginal farmers : 3 (nos)

Pre Project Status / Problems of project area:

The area of project is rain fed and undulating. Soils of project area are sandy due to which seepage rates are very high in the project area. Evaporation rates are also very high due to harsh sunshine especially in summer season. This project area has two bore well which are used by beneficiary for irrigation. The benificiaries used to irrigate the project area by making Kucha Open Channel. Due to this reason the water losses are very high due excessive seepage of water in Kucha Open Channel. Evaporation losses are also very high in the project area during summer season.Moreover the Kucha channel need too much repair which increase the labour cost of farmer. Apart from this different kinds weeds grow on the channel. Because of which kucha channel becomes suitable place for different kinds of weeds and diseases which ultimately attacks the crops in project area .


Details of Work executed:

To overcome the above mentioned problem beneficiary decided to lay the underground pipe line system to bring the project area under assured irrigation.The beneficiary contacted the Soil and Water conservation department officials to lay the UGPL. The department officials visited the project area and make the plan for laying UGPL. The officials decided to lay PVC pipe line with the consent of beneficiary After making the plan department officials assigned the job of laying UGPL to jain irrigation system limited. The department provide the subsidy of 194700/- to the beneficiary for laying UGPL PVC in the project area as per the Govt guidelines. Technical detail of project:
Length of pipe line: 114 m.
Dia of pipe line: 110mm (4kg/cm2)
No of Riser: 20 No.

Benefits/Outcomes of project:

  • Increase in the area under agriculture.
  • Decrease in the labour cost.
  • Check seepage, evaporation losses and control soil erosion hence decrease in the wastage of excessive water .
  • Provide assured irrigation to project area.
  • Save Electricity(Energy) and time.
  • Increase in yield and Quality of Crops.
  • Uplift the socio-economic status of beneficiary.

Pre Project and Post project status/comparison:

The beneficiary mainly grows Wheat, Maize, Paddy in the project area.He also grow some fodder crops like Bajra and Barseem for his milking/domestic animals. Although the beneficiary has two bore well in the project area but it was difficult for him to properly irrigate the whole project area due to the above mentioned problem.So the yield of crops in the project area were very low due to lack of proper irrigation. After laying of UGPL it become possible for the beneficiary to bring the whole project area under assured irrigation.This helps the beneficiary to increase the yield of crops which increase there income which ultimately helps to improve the socio- economic status of beneficiary.

Table below clearly stated that the average yield of different crops sown in project are were very low before laying of under ground Pipe line system. But after laying of UGPL, there is marked increase in average yield of different crops sown in project area. Which helps to increase the income of beneficiary which ultimately uplift the socio-economic status of beneficiary.

Detail of yield of crops and profit in project area in tabular form:

S. No. Crops Pre Project Yield Post Project Yield In Crease in Yield
Qtl./Acre Qtl./Acre Qtl./Acre
1. Wheat 10-12 16-18 6.00
2. Paddy 20-22 26-28 6.00
3. Maize 12-14 16-18 4.00
4. Bajra 500-550 800-850 300.00
5. Barseem 200-250 300-350 100.00