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Multipurpose Water Harvesting Structure cum Underground Irrigation Water Conveyance System at Village Matti (Gurdaspur)

S. No. Project Brief
1. Name of District Pathankot
2. Name of Project Multipurpose Water Harvesting Structure cum Underground Irrigation Water Conveyance System, Village Name Matti
3. Name of Office under which project executed Divisional Soil Conservation Officer, Gurdaspur
4. Contact Details Divisional Soil Conservation Officer, Guradspur
Phone/Mobile No: 9417085658
Email: dsco.gsp@gmail.com
5. Date of Start of Project 08/03/2008
6. Date of Completion of Project 09/05/2008
7. Cost of project Total Cost: Rs 5.64 Lakh
Assistance from RKVY: Rs. 5.03 Lakh
Beneficiary Share: Rs 0.61 Lakh

Objectives of Project

  • Rain water harvesting and natural recharging of water
  • To meet the increasing demand of irrigation water.
  • To reduce the runoff loss.
  • Conservation development and sustainable management of natural resources including their use.
  • Enhancement of agriculture productivity and production in suitable manner.
  • To raise the underground water table by recharging ground water.
  • To reduce the ground water pollution

Number of Beneficiaries ( Nos.) of project:

Total Men Women SC/ST Marginal
15 09 06 02 04 07 04
S. No. Crop Pre Status Post Status
(Yield per ha in Qtl)
1. Wheat 15 40
2. Maize 12 32
3. Sorghum 90 200

Pre Project Status / Problems of project area:

  • Land is highly degraded and erosion is occurring at a large stage from arable and non arable lands with high rate of sedimentation.
  • Deep and scarce ground Water.
  • Long Dry Spells causing drought like conditions.
  • Water scarcity for both humans and livestock, as ponds and natural water bodies dry up during peak summer.
  • Even adopting all possible management practices under natural conditions a huge amount of rainfall flow as runoff.
  • Acute storage of fuel and fodder prevails in the area.

Details of Work executed:

A water harvesting structure has been constructed across the doong khad, one kilometer from doong in the village Matti. The total catchment area of the project 35 ha and command area 10 ha. The total height of the water harvesting structure is 1.50 mts. The gross storage capacity of reservoir is 3.81hectare mt out of which 2.30 is live storage. Total length of the conveyance system is 120 mt.

Benefits/Outcomes of project:

Regular and assured supply of water throughout the year also in the peak summer season in the month of june and july had adequate water to meets the needs of local community for irrigation at least three to four live saving irrigations. Fifteen families belonging to different communities are enjoying the benefit of this water Harvesting structure. Animal needs of drinking water also being met.