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Laying of Underground Pipeline in Agricultural Fields for Irrigation at Village Langomahal (Amritsar)

S. No. Project Brief
1. Name of District Amritsar
2. Name of Project Laying of Underground Pipeline in Agricultural Fields for Irrigation, Ajitpal Singh S/O Bua Singh, Village: Langomahal Teh- Ajnala District-Amritsar
3. Name of Office under which project executed Divisional Soil Conservation Officer, Amritsar
4. Contact Details Third Floor, Kheti Bhabhan, Ranjit Avenue, B-Block-Amritsar
Phone/Mobile No: 0183-2505449
Email: asrdsco@gmail.com
5. Date of Start of Project 20/04/2017
6. Date of Completion of Project 23/06/2017
7. Cost of project Total Cost : Rs. 1.68 (Lacs)
Assistance from RKVY: Rs 0.84 lakh
Beneficiary Share: Rs. 0.84 lakh

Number of Beneficiaries of project:

Total: 10 (nos)
Men 6 nos,
Women4 (nos)
Small Farmers: 6 (nos)

Objectives of Project:

The aim of this success stories is to reflect the outstanding features of UGPL underground pipe line system. and to highlight the implementation and effectiveness of this irrigation system achieved through the initiatives and endeavours made by soil conservation department ,be it the extension, awareness or providing financial assistance/subsidy through RKVY scheme. This story also highlights the successful adoption of this scheme by farmers, thus resulting in socio-economic upliftment of farmer and also shows the sincere efforts of conserving two most important of resources of nature (soil and water) by the department.

Pre Project Status / Problems of project area:

The unlevelled land of the field resulted in uneven distribution of applied irrigation water, thus amounting to vast wastage of water, electricity and labour. The farmer used traditional earthen channels/ kaccha khals as means of conveyance of irrigation water to fields. This resulted in not only seepage losses through percolation and evaporation but also resulted in increase in labour cost involved in maintaining the earthen walls of basins/ channels. This resulted in increase in demand for water in peak season of summer, thus increasing the operational cost of tube wells and increase in electricity bill. The tail end water losses are high in this traditional method of flood irrigation.


Details of Work executed:

UGPL consists of network of buried pipes (RCC/PVC) attached to tube well/ pump stand for conveying water to different points on farm required for efficient irrigation. The project is executed on farm of Ajitpal Singh S/o Bua Singh etc R/o Langomahal Teh- Ajnala District-Amritsar. The farmer was approached by Departments' officials after he showed interest in this system seen by his at farm of his relatives. The required documents were collected and estimate was prepared keeping in view the demands and problems of farmers.

The Hydraulic gradient is calculated as per the level of the field and the diameter of the pipe is selected after calculating the effective head and discharge of the tube well. Once the estimate is finalized with the consent of farmer it is sent for approval to higher authorities and corresponding farmer farmer share is deposited as per passed estimate. Once the required inputs/material is received at farm the execution of project starts under the guidance of department officials.

A total of 370 meters length of 250mm diameter pipes of 188 no are laid down in trenches excavated as per the sanctioned plan to benefit a command area of 4.45 hec . Total 4 No of risers are provided at suitable points to ensure uniform water distribution and 5 no of wind pipes are provide at every 150m interval, T point or as per passed plan to facilitate the aeration and reduce friction losses. An end plug is provided at the termination point of each branch. After back filling of trenches the farmer is given a demo of how to operate the system and is advised about do’s and don’ts of system. Photographs are taken at various stages during execution of project which helps in highlighting the benefits of this system and, thus educating the interested farmers.

Benefits/Outcomes of project:

  • Problems arising due to water logging and soil erosion, unnecessary growth of weeds in irrigation channels are taken care of.
  • Decrease in pest problems and diseases which earlier occurred due to water logging.
  • Accessibility and delivery of water to upland areas of filed.
  • Elimination/ minimization of tail end water losses as the system operates under pressure, and there are no percolation and seepage losses.
  • Decrease in cost of labour, electricity, water application, thus minimizing the input costs involved in cultivation of crops especially paddy.
  • The channels which were earlier used for irrigation are brought under cultivation, thus increasing thus net sown area which obviously results in increased yield.
  • The inter connectivity of multiple tube wells/ water sources ensure uninterrupted supply of irrigation in event of fault/breakdown of one of the tube well.
S. No. Benefit Parameter Annual Benefit Per Acre Total Annual Benefits
1. Land Saving (due to clearance of Open Conveyance Irrigation Channels 28 Sq m =28x1188207
=33269796 Sq m
=3327 Hectares (8313 Acres)
2. Increase in Yield (by above mentioned Land Saving)
Wheat 14 kgs
Paddy 20 kgs
=16634898 kg
=16.63 (000 tons)
=23764140 kg
=23.76 (000 tons)
3. Increase in Yield (due to even, sufficient & Timely application of irrigation water)
Wheat 1 Qtl.
Paddy 1.4 Qtl.
=1188207 Qtls
=166.35 (000 tons)
=1663490 Qtls
=166.35 (000 tons)
4. Saving of irrigation Water (due to reduced losses)
Crop Water Use Saving @30%
Wheat 1400 cum 420 cum
Paddy 2920 cum 878 cum
Total 4320 cum 1296 cum
=1539916275 Units
=1540 Million Units
5. Electricity Saving (due to lesser drawl of irrigation water from a lesser head)
Crop Consumption Saving @30%
Wheat 500 units 125 units
Paddy 1200 units 300 units
Total 1700 425 units
=504987975 Units
=505 Million Units
6. Labour Saving (due to saving of labour involved in maintenance )
Crop Irrigation
Hours @25% in Man-days
Wheat 100 25 3.125
Paddy 240 60 7.500
Total 340 85 10.625
=126274700 Man-days
=126.25 Lakh Man-days
7. Minimum Additional Income generated by way of above and benefits at S. No. 1-6 Rs. 3895 =3895x1188207
=Rs. 4628066285
=Rs. 463 Crores