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Increasing Irrigation Water Efficiency Through Underground Pipeline Conveyance System at Village Sehjadi (Ferozepur)

S. No. Project Brief
1. Name of District Ferozepur
2. Name of Project Increasing Irrigation Water efficiency through Underground Pipeline Conveyance System C/o S.Gian Singh Village : Sehjadi Teh & District: Ferozepur
3. Name of Office under which project executed Divisional Soil Conservation Officer, Ferozepur
4. Contact Details Divisional Soil Conservation Officer, Ferozepur
Phone: 01632-244425, Email: dscofzr@yahoo.com
5. Date of Start of Project 25/05/2016
6. Date of Completion of Project 01/07/2016
7. Cost of project Total Cost: Rs.7,70,169
Assistance from RKVY: Rs 6,93,150,
Beneficiary Share: Rs 77,019

Objective of Project:

  • Increasing Irrigation Water efficiency
  • To irrigate more area with same amount of water.
  • To increase the yield.
  • To save the land, time, money, water,labor etc.
  • To overcome the problem of ground water depletion, water scarcity.

Number of beneficiaries of Projects:

Men: 10 (nos), Women: 2 (nos), SC/ST: 0 (nos)
Marginal farmers: 7 (nos), Small Farmers: 1 (nos), Others: 4 (nos)


Pre project Status/Problems of project area

Project area lies in eastern part of Punjab. Farmers of this area are very poor and have very less land holding. Due to water scarcity they are unable to irrigate their entire field, only some part of their field is subjected to irrigation through unlined irrigation channels. Earlier water was distributed/conveyed through unlined irrigation channels. About 30% water was wasted by this tradition method of water conveyance. There was no technology using which they can save water.

Details of Work executed:

Group of 12 families was chosen who has adjoining fields. The entire area is near to Sehjadi miner (water channel). This area was sanctioned 0.12 cusec of water at 7465/R outlet of Sehjadi miner. There was a tubewell already bored near this outlet. A proposal was made to club the water from water channel and tube well. Field Staff from the department collect the required documents and with regular meeting with the farmers pipe line was proposed. A complete field survey was done considering the hydraulic design and governments rates a detailed estimate was made according to the guidelines of RKVY Scheme. Underground pipeline project was constructed to irrigate the field. The command area of this project was 16 hectare. 300 MM RCC pipe line of 1250 meter length was installed beneath the 1.20m ground level. The estimate of project was sanctioned Rs. 782000.

Benefits/Outcomes of projects:

This intervention had a great impact in term of area under irrigation. Earlier water is not available for irrigation for this area, now got sufficient amount of water due to laying of underground pipe line. Pipeline was installed beneath the earth surface so there is also land saving. Water becomes available so yield of this area is increased. Thus social economical life of this area is also enhanced.

Pre project and Post project status/ comparison:

Earlier water was distributed/conveyed through unlined irrigation channels. Some part of farmer’s field is being used by formation of irrigation channels. Moreover money and labor is required at frequent stages to maintained that irrigation channels. About 30% water was wasted by this tradition method of water conveyance. Because during conveyance water seepage is there. Some water is infiltrate into soil surface and some is lost by evaporation. There was no technology using which they can save water.

After this intervention, water channels is replaced by underground pipeline, pipeline is installed below the ground level so area become available for cropping. Money and labor is saved. Water is conveyed through RCC pipeline as there is no losses, so at inlet and out let (farmer field, AAV) quantity of water is same. The entire field is subjected to irrigation results in increase in yield of the crop, thus Socio-Economic life of farmers is enhanced. Underground pipe line also helps in Saving of Energy, Fertilizer, Labor and Land Development. This system is highly efficient system as it has helped in catching up the time gap of conventional irrigation system.