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Increasing Irrigation Water efficiency through Box Outlet Underground Pipeline Conveyance System at Village Hardialeana (Faridkot)

S. No. Project Brief
1. Name of District Faridkot
2. Name of Project Increasing Irrigation Water efficiency through Box Outlet underground pipeline conveyance system Lakhwinder Singh s/o Gurjant Singh etc, Village: Hardialeana
3. Name of Office under which project executed Divisional Soil Conservation Officer Faridkot
4. Contact Details Divisional Soil & Water Conservation Office, Narayan Nagar, ST. NO. 2, Ferozepur Road, Faridkot
Phone/Mobile No. 01639-251183
Email: dsco_faridkot@yahoo.com
5. Date of Start of Project 22/05/2017
6. Date of Completion of Project 19/06/2017
7. Cost of project Total Cost: Rs. 30.20 Lakh
Assistance from RKVY: Rs. 27.18 lakh
Beneficiary Share: Rs.3.02 lakh

Objectives of Project:

  • Efficient use of water through pipeline for gross production in agriculture and to increase the fertility of soil as well as productivity.
  • To increase the cultivated area and decrease the weeds.
  • To decrease the 40-50 % Labour cost.
  • To increased Area under cultivation.
  • Increase in yeild per hactare
  • To avoid seepage from open broken channel

Number of Beneficiaries of project:

Total 13 nos: Men: 10 nos, Women: 03 nos
Marginal farmers 05 nos, Small Farmers: 3 nos Others: 05 nos

Pre Project Status/Problems of project area:

Water loses is more due to evaporation and seepage through open units channels. Crop production is Low as entire command area was not irrigated with tubewell water, Lower financial condition of farmers due to Labour cost and low production. The water did not reach the end fields and there was not uniform distrubution of water.

Details of Project executed:

Discharge of Tubewell - 2.41 cusec,
Area - 47.8 Hactare
Dia of Pipeline - 450 MM
Length of Pipeline - 3210 meter
No. of Air release valve/pipe - 27 No. (150 MM)
No. of Alfa Valve - 12 No. 450 MM

Pre Project Post Prject
Low Production of crops as tubewell water is not used. Water Losses is more. Lower financial condition due to low production, and Labour cost. 30-35 % crop production increased. Now entire command area is cultivated & irrigated with tubewell water, with which higher financial condition of farmers.

Benefits/Outcomes of project:

Very Efficient use of tubewell water through pipeline as a result 30-35 % crop production increased and water Losses decreased as whole command area is now irrigated with tubewell water. The cultivated area also increased and hence the yield increased as the area under open channel was used for taking production and whole area got equal water. There was reduction in maintenance cost and labour cost. The economic condition of the farmers increased as there was increased in production, reduction in labour and maintenance cost.