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We are proud to present website of our Department. This is one of the first website developed independently by any Department of the State. The website was launched in year 2004. This website has been developed inhouse with the resources available with department by technical officers of department. No financial assistance either from state or other agencies has been sought or taken for preparation of this site. However regarding some data or figures has been procured from other line departments like Central Ground Water Board, Punjab State Science and Technology, Punjab Remote Sensing Center, Ludhiana, Punjab Agriculture University Ludhiana, Department of Information Technology Punjab, National Informatics Center Chandigarh and comments and papers of experts in this field.

Department has taken leads in implementing almost all the new initiatives taken by the state Government. We are also first among the various departments for implementation of 'Right's to Information Act 2005 of Punjab Govt'. This had been possible only because of enormous support and motivation received from our superior officers, who have always been there to support us.

Conservation of natural resources has become a very complex task in view of over exploitation of these resources. Rapid industrialization have brought about over- concentration and congestion specially in larger urban agglomerations and decreasing land holdings have put pressure on thereby making task of management of land even more difficult. Punjab have limited area and impact of green revolution has no doubt increased food grain production and improved the economic position of people of Punjab but it has put intense pressure on our natural resources of soil and water, following of paddy-wheat pattern year after year has rendered our soil health very poor and drastic effect on ground water resources. The need of hour is to adopt a more hostile approach that would maintain the fragile balance between the resource utilization and environmental integrity in a sustained manner.

This website contains all the information regarding its inception, organization, activities, achievements, services provided to farmers and useful features by departmental officers and other prominent personalities. Various new technologies that have been developed for conservation of soil and water resources can be viewed on this site. It will provide useful information especially for farmers of state of Punjab. Various Performa's that are generally required by employees are available on this site. Various Application forms like loans, subsidies etc for farmers can be downloaded from this website. This website will be regularly updated.

We have tried to give every possible information any every care regarding data entry on this site, but there might be some mistakes (human error) if you find any please report us so that we can amend it. We will be glad if you us however if you have any enquiries, suggestions, complaints you can contact any of department office in state or give us feedback on this website. As we all are working for farmers of the State, which have made our state Food Bowl of the country, We request all the officers/official of department to share views on this website, which can be beneficial for our farmers. Also point to us if there are any mistakes either in text or in figures regarding the information / projects done in their jurisdiction which are displayed on this website. All DSCO's are especially requested to kindly give us latest information about projects in hand / project status / success stories/ articles or any other new information that they want to be displayed on this website regularly regarding the works in your division Your comments will be rightly honoured.

Please Contact Technical Branch of office of Chief Conservator of Soils, Punjab, Chandigarh for any comments, posts, views, feedback etc