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  • The availability of irrigation water from the project has provided a much needed relief to farmers from water woes.
  • The farmers in the command area are now getting assured irrigation water supply irrespective of climatic conditions.
  • Dependence on ground water has reduced which is visible from the fact that not even a single farmers' borewell failed since they started getting water from the project saving recurring expenditure accrued on deepening of bores.
  • Even during last years' paddy season, when rainfall was deficient during monsoon period, farmers productivity levels were not affected because of availability of irrigation water from project.
  • Many small farmers who did not had their own tubewells and were dependent on others for meeting demand of irrigation water are now self reliant and growing crops as per their choice with some even venturing into vegetable cultivation and are getting regular income due to town's proximity.
  • Soil moisture regime due to regular availability and organic content of soil due to presence of nutrients in treated water has also improved in command area.
  • Whole of command area is now brimming with agricultural activity developed by increased agriculture and biomass production.
  • Use of less inorganic or chemical fertilizers as treated sewerage water is rich in nutrients required for crop growth.
  • The installation of underground pipelines has also added a connivance in agricultural activities as farmers were not only able to bring additional land under agriculture which was wasted on account of construction of open channels but are also saving on labour costs accrued on maintaining these channels besides hassle free farming operations.
  • The project promotes dual objective of encouraging alternate water use along with increasing on-farm water application efficiency and serves a perfect role model for replication.