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Pre Project Status/ Problems of Project area :

The project area comprising of agricultural lands of Village Plahi, Khangura, Kishanpur, Burna falls under one of the most over-exploited block of the State, with exploitation level of 249%. The farmers were totally dependent on ground water for their irrigation needs but because of depleting water table, farmers were forced to dig deeper borewells and install higher capacity pumping units every 3 to 4 years which involved considerable expenses for which farmers had to avail repeated loans, making them fall under debt trap.

An irrigation canal also criss-crossed the area but diminishing water supply in upper canal forced that this canal has not received a single drop of water during last 6-7 years. Many farmers of the area, because of rising input costs and un-timely expenses on irrigation infrastructure, have left agriculture and given their fields on lease.

Diminishing agriculture incomes is also one of the major reasons, that people of area want to migrate abroad. Proximity to town offered farmers especially small and marginal, choice to grow cash crops like vegetables and earn ready income but most of them do not have their own tubewell and are dependent on others for irrigation water, which inhibited them from growing crop of their choice.

On the other hand the irony was, that the treated water from sewerage treatment plant constructed in the vicinity was going waste into the drain.

This plant was commissioned in 2008 but ever since the treated water, which was enough to irrigate agriculture land of three villages was not availed off due to lack of conveyance system from the plant. This treated water was well within the safety parameters of application in farming sector and moreover is rich in nutrients required for plant growth.

Details of Project executed

Under this project, approx 12 kms of network of underground HDPE pipelines has been laid from STP to farmer’s fields. 3 pumpsets of 30 HP capacity each with 1 optional in case of emergency, have been provided for pumping and conveyance of water from STP, which is further supplied to fields through 116 Outlets provided at field level. The farmers were trained in operation of project which is now in hands of water user association formed amongst beneficiaries of the project. Regular meetings of Departmental staff are held with beneficiary farmers for getting feedback from the project

S. No. Particulars Description
1. No. of villages Covered 4 Nos.
2. Command Area 420 ha
3. Nos. Of Beneficiaries 260 nos.
4. Capacity/Discharge of S.T.P 28 MLD(12 cusec)
5. Total Length of Pipeline (HDPE) 11979 m (12 kms)
6. Main Pipeline 560 mm. 2190m
7. Sub Main pipeline 450 mm. 2660m
8. Sub Main pipeline 400 mm. 1690m
9. Lateral pipeline 315 mm. 5590m
10. Nos. of Field Outlets 116 nos
11. Nos. of (Air Release Valves (ARV's) 40 nos
12. Nos. of Pumpsets 4 (3 working and 1 standby)
13. Capacity of each Pumpset 30 HP
14. Total Head Created 45 m
15. Crops Grown Wheat, Paddy, Sugarcane, Vegetables etc.