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Phagwara is a historical town founded by Shah Jahan during Mughal Period lies on in-between Jalandhar-Ludhiana stretch of National Highway 44 in District Kapurthala. With a population of approx 1.25 lakh, is characterized by its NRI status, with many of local populace settled abroad and textile industry. It is fast emerging as an educational hub with Lovely Professional University attracting students not only from other parts of India but abroad also. The town has well established municipal piped water supply and sanitation network and was amongst the first towns selected for establishment of sewerage water treatment facility. 2 STP's adjoining to each other, first commissioned in year 2008 and second in 2017, have been constructed on Northern side of town with capacity to treat 28 MLD sewerage water, catering to about 70% of total waste water generation of the town.

The Government of Punjab initiated a programme 'Cleaning of Rivers' in 2010-11 with the objective to prevent waste waters or treated waste water from flowing into rivers or other water bodies/sources and instead utilizing it in agricultural purposes. Under this programme, the Department of Soil and Water Conservation, Punjab identified a number of STP's across the State, from which the water shall be utilized in agriculture sector and STP, Phagwara was one of those. The Department had implemented similar projects prior to this but they were for smaller capacities and in order to execute project of such a scale detailed discussions were held with various stakeholders especially farmers of command area and upon complete satisfaction of all those involved project was brought to drawing board. Another technological challenge in the project was selection of versatile conveyance system, which should be resistant to corrosiveness, bacterial and fungal conditions, which could be present in such waters. To overcome all these issues and to ensure longevity of conveyance systems, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes were selected as its superior chemical resistance and “non-stick” surface combine to almost eliminate scaling and pitting and preserve the excellent hydraulic characteristics throughout the pipe service life. The total cost of project was 6.00 cr and was funded by Punjab Pollution Control Board.