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  • The project interventions included renovation of pond, construction of filtration chamber, installation of solar energy lift system, underground pipeline system for water conveyance and beautification of surroundings.
  • The solar energy based underground pipeline system is providing irrigation to 75 acres of agricultural land belonging to 17 farmers. This besides reducing ground water extraction has also saved energy required for pumping from individual tubewells.
  • Small farmers who didn't have their own tube wells and were dependent on others for meeting demand of irrigation water are now self reliant.
  • Farmers were able to save precious agriculture land on account of laying of underground pipeline replacing open channels for irrigation.
  • Installation of solar based irrigation system has also entailed that farmers will have to incur almost zero operation and maintenance costs besides reducing carbon footprint.
  • Continuous use of pond water for irrigation has meant that there are no more stagnant waters thus alleviating any environmental and health hazards.
  • Pond renovation work has also increased water holding capacity therefore enhancing ground water recharge.