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Pre Project Status/ Problems of Project area :

The Village Rurka Kalan under Jalandhar district lies in Bist Doab tract and is part of Beas and Satluj River belt of the State. The farmers are dependent on ground water resources for irrigation, as there are no surface water irrigation sources in region.

The agriculture in this village has developed over the years with installation of tube wells. But this intensive ground water supported agriculture has taken a toll on ground water resources, with ground water level in the village dropping to 120-150 ft. below ground level.

Reduced precipitation over the years has created an imbalance between drawl and recharge of ground water.

The village has been categorised as over exploited in terms of ground water development. Farmers are forced to incur costs on deepening of borewells every 2-3 years.

The village water body spread over an area of 2 acres was in bad condition filled with all kind of litter besides stagnant water being a continuous source of health and environmental concern.

Details of Project executed

Solar Energy based lift system has been installed to utilize 2.4 lakh litres pond water through approx 2 km long HDPE underground pipeline system to approximately 75 acres of agricultural land of 17 farmers.

Solar Photovoltaic pump set of 7.5 HP has been installed for lifting the water and 30 auto-tracker based solar panels have been installed for energizing the pumpset.

For conveyance of irrigation water, HDPE pipeline has been chosen because of extremely long life span and virtually leak proof quality. The project is providing assured irrigation to the farmers in the command area. 14 outlets have been provided at field level for irrigation.

The irrigation project was implemented under Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichayee Yojana- Other interventions with total cost of Rs. 24.56 Lakh.

A local NGO 'Youth Football Club, Rurka Kalan' also contributed approx 15.00 lakh towards pond renovation and beautification of surroundings. 75 acres of land is being provided water.

S. No. Particulars Description
1. No. of villages Covered 1 Nos.
2. Command Area 75 acre
3. Nos. Of Beneficiaries 17 nos.
4. Water Discharge of S.T.P 2.4 Lakh litre per day
5. Total Length of Pipeline (HDPE) 2 Kms
6. Main Pipeline 160 mm. 1997m
7. Capacity of SPV Pump 7.5 HP
8. No of Solar Panels installed 30
9. Capacity of each Solar Panel (wp) 250 wp
10. Nos. of Field Outlets 14 nos
11. Nos. of (Air Release Valves (ARV's) 7 nos
12. Approximate Irrigation time per day 8 Hrs