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Water is the most essential natural resource for life, next to air, a basic human need, the most important input for all development activities. With the continuous growth of population, urbanization and industrialization, the demand for water is increasing day by day. Efforts need to be made to develop, plan, conserve, utilize and manage this important resource.

The State economy is dependent upon agriculture production. Irrigation facility is regarded as the key element of irrigated agriculture. The modern agriculture and irrigation practices play a key role in alleviating rural poverty. Due to limited availability of surface water resources, the State of Punjab is mainly dependent on ground water resources for majority of its needs.

Water Conservation and water savings through improved management of irrigation supplies are considered essential to meeting future water needs for agriculture and other uses. Irrigation is the largest use of water, accounting for nearly 80 percent of freshwater consumption in the State. However, expanding water demands for municipal, industrial, recreational, and environmental purposes increasingly compete for available water supplies. Since opportunities for large-scale water supply development are limited, additional water demands will almost certainly be met through small local projects and conservation and reallocation of existing irrigation supplies.