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The Punjab State Land Use and Waste Land Development Board (SLUB) was constituted in the year April 1986 and this board was reconstituted in the year 1994 to provide policy direction, ensure, close coordination among various departments and also to achieve integrated planning for optimum use of available land resources.


  • To assess the land resources of the State and issue guidelines to various departments connected with the use of land with regard to the proper utilization of land resources.
  • To prepare perspective plan for conservation, management and development of land resources of the State taking into account appropriate land use and soil capabilities.
  • To coordinate the work of soil Conservation and land preservation.
  • To make overall review of the programmes of the implementation of the schemes and programmes connected with surveys and development of soil and allied matters.
  • To take suitable steps to prevent the use of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes.
  • To provide a forum for sharing technical and administrative experience pertaining to land utilization.
  • To collect compile and furnish statistical data pertaining to land use for implementation of the suitable programmes.
  • To lay down specifications for sound execution of the programme of land use, etc.
Er. M. Kanwal welcoming Dr. VN Sharda, Director CSWCRTI at SLUB Workshop


  • Make and overall review of the progress of implementation of ongoing schemes and programmes connected with conservation and development of land resources, soil and allied matters.
  • Consider and review proposals concerning soil surveys and assess land resources degraded / Wastelands or extent of areas subject to soil erosion, deforestation and various types of degradation.
  • Sponsor surveys to monitor land use changes over years and obtain basic data for planning.
  • Create a reliable database and documentation centre on related aspects of degraded wastelands development and management.
  • Promote initiative for perspective plans of land resources conservation, development and management and provide guidelines to Departments and agencies.
  • Sponsor development of appropriate technology and management practices for wastelands development.
  • Collaborate with the Central and State Government departments, agencies, local bodies and voluntary agencies with a view to mobilizing manpower, funds and other inputs required for wastelands development programmes.
  • Take measures for creating greater awareness about the importance and problems of proper land and soil management with a view to evolve measures ensuring minimum diversion of arable land to non-arable uses.
  • Create general awareness in favour of restoration and development of degraded/wastelands specially through the education system.
  • Sponsor studies, organize regional and national debates/deliberations/seminars/workshops though various agencies in collaboration with State Land Use Boards, Universities, research institutes, etc.
  • Promote training programmes and training materials for workers at various levels for optimal development/utilization of wastelands.
  • Provide support for preparation of manuals and tools for increasing application of Scientific data in planning, designing, implementation and monitoring of programmes.
  • To take steps to implement the decisions of National Land Use and Wastelands Development Council and National Land Use and Conservation Board and National Wastelands Development Board.
  • To work as a coordinating and monitoring agency in respect of the programmes relating to the use of land within the State.
  • To promote follow up action of Land Use Policy by increased use of improved rainfed farming technology, including moisture conservation and water harvesting technology.
  • To encourage raising of vegetation grass, shrub and trees as part of farming system, and on farm land and homestead ensuring higher productivity of land and better environment.
  • To promote initiative for adoption of livestock management on scientific lines and as integral to farming and rural living through more effective management of country’s grazing resources and development of fodder.
  • Promote a network of nurseries and “Seed Banks” to supply quality certified planting material and seeds.
  • To undertake functions as decided by the National Land Use and Conservation Board and the National Land Use and Wastelands Development Council or by the State Government from time to time.
  • To prepare and forward quarterly and annual progress review/reports to National Land Use and Conservation Board with copy to National Wastelands Development Board.
Er. M. Kanwal along with central govt. team - visit to Harike Wetland


  • Soil Atlas of Punjab in collaboration with National Bureau Soil Survey and Land Use Planning Nagpur has been prepared in the year 1992 and is being used by various departments/agencies for planning.
  • A study on Water Harvesting Structures in Ropar districts was got conducted in the year 1996 from the Agriculture Finance Corporation and copies of the studies was circulated to the allied department for necessary action.
  • A study on water logged areas in Punjab was got conducted in the year 1998 from the Agriculture Corporation and copies of the studies was circulated to the allied department for necessary action.
  • A study on Land Use Mapping in different districts of Punjab is being conducted form the year 2000-01. This study is being conducted by Punjab Remote Sensing Centre, Ludhiana. The mapping of four districts i.e. Ropar, Fatehgarh Sahib, Hoshiarpur and Ludhiana have been completed in the year 2001.
  • A Prospective Plan on Conservation, Management and Development of Land Resources in Punjab(2010 AD) has been prepared circulated to the align department for taking immediate necessary action for diversification in agriculture and other activities.
  • A Draft Land Use Policy has been formulated by Land Use Board keeping in view the present and future demand for land use.
  • State level Seminars and Workshops are regularly arranged to bring awareness among the various land users.
  • National Land Use Resources Conservation Week is celebrated from 14th November to 20th November every year. In this week camps are being organize in villages, schools to bring awareness among the school children’s and various land users to make best use of the land.