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The major objectives in taking up of the project were:

  • To develop a comprehensive land-use and water and energy management model that demonstrates efficient on-farm water use and fully meets the aspirations of people to improve agriculture productivity and thereby their income.
  • To develop a working model for efficient irrigation using surface water in view of the depleting ground water table in the State and thereby develop a broad understanding of water rights and regulations and policies for conjunctive use of water.
  • To improve scientific, engineering and applied technological expertise of field staff so as to encourage science-based decision making.
  • To ensure that the community recognizes the essential role of irrigation water and importance of its responsible use in its well-being and thereby develop local institutions to promote sustainable irrigation water management.

In Quantifiable way the objectives were

  • Providing Assured Irrigation Source in Rainfed Area.
  • Enchancing Cropping Intensity.
  • Increasing Producivity and Production in Agriculture.
  • Diversification of Crops.
  • Promotion of Efficient Drip and Sprinkler Irrigatiion Systems.
  • Land Value Appreciation.
  • Energy Conservation.
  • Improving socio-economic condition of the farmers.
  • Capacity Building of farmers.
  • Alternate Livelihood Generation Oppurtunities for Landless and Women.
  • Reduction in Human-Wild Animal Conflict
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint of the State.
  • Demonstration of Modern Technologies.
  • Sustainable Project Demonstration.
  • Community Owned Project.
  • Role Model for Replication.