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  • Largest Solar Powered Community Lift-cum-Micro irrigation project in the World, operational w.e.f. 7th August, 2017
  • Total cost of Project Rs. 40.94 Crores.
  • Gross area 734 hectare, out of which cultivable area of 664 ha provided with assured irrigation using micro irrigation systems.
  • Benefits 1200 farming families in 14 villages.
  • Project divided into 5 sub-schemes, which have been further divided into 18 zones of about 35-40 ha area each.
  • Total 15.7 cusecs water lifted from Kandi Canal at three different locations.
  • 3798 solar panels generating 1.1 MW are powering 46 solar pumps of 15 to 23 hp capacity
  • Each section have an automatic valve, connected to a centralized controller to control the supply period to the farmers.
  • 9 village ponds in command area used as storage tanks and booster stations.
  • The system designed to run for 8-10 hours a day. However, during summer when water requirement is more, the day length is also more.
  • Distribution system consists of 7.3 kms long underground HDPE pipes with diameter varying from 450 mm to 180mm
  • 60 kms PVC pipeline laid for distribution of water to individual sections having an area of 2-2.5 ha each.
  • No power bill for the farmers, project to be operated and maintained by Department of Soil and Water Conservation, Punjab in association with the executing entity i.e. Jain Irrigation Systems Limited for seven years.
  • The beneficiaries farmers have been organized into a Water User Association (WUA) which can even have an arrangement with the PSPCL to purchase power during low demand periods.