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About Training Facilities

The project involves highly sophisticated and modern lift and water distribution system for irrigation which is not only solar powered but also remote controlled with provision of manual intervention in emergent situations. This type of sensitive high-tech system needs expert supervision for its operation and maintenance. At present, the beneficiary farmers are provided with roster of their turn for irrigation water supply and they have been given manual control of the valves in their fields in case they do not require water. Though the department has to operate and maintain the project through implementing agency M/s Jain Irrigation Systems Limited for 7 years to build trust and confidence among the farmers and other stake holders, it shall be handed over thereafter to the beneficiary farmers.

Power is being provided free of cost to the beneficiary farmers however there is an arrangement with Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) to transfer spare solar power to the local grid thus generating income for operation and maintenance of the project in near future. 18 Water User Associations (WUAs) have been formed and regular meetings of these WUAs are held to train them regarding various aspects of the operation and maintenance of the project as well as to sort out any issues. The beneficiary farmers have started taking minimum of 2 successful crops per year with optimum farm productivity and a few of them have also diversified into plantation and vegetable crops. This changed scenario requires not only knowledge of latest agronomical practices but also strong marketing linkages.

The farmers of the area are being provided knowledge and trainings on these aspects and a market linkage has been established with local company 'UNNATI' to make it easier for the farmers to sell their produce. Their capacity building is being carried out with the help of Precision Farming Development Center (PFDC), PAU, Ludhiana. The PFDC has already organized 10+ Training Programmes for the farmers of the area. The representatives of Jain Irrigation Systems Limited are also providing user level training for operation and maintenance of the project to a few members of the WUAs. All these meetings and trainings are being carried at a Training Centre erected at the project site which is equipped with a Training/Meeting Hall and a small library stacked with project record and related literature and books etc. for the benefit of WUAs and local farmers.